We have worked with a number of different patent attorneys. We found J. P. Peel & Co Ltd to be efficient and effective. We were very pleased with the services which we received from you.
R. M., Marchbanks Measurement Systems Ltd

We liked your “can do” approach and that you offered: a) A bespoke service, rather than an inflexible one-fits-all corporate approach. b) A thorough consultation and preparation process prior to submission of patent application. As well as being friendly and keen to help.
D. M. Director, DM Medical Associates Ltd

The benefits of working with J. P. Peel & Co Ltd were: a) speed of initial meeting and production of draft; b) advice regarding patent rules; and c) quality of technical submissions. We appreciate that you remained within the fixed price quoted and provided access to a draughtsman.
G. S. Elevtec Ltd

James brought ideas to the table that I hadn’t considered. James’ feedback and constructive criticism on my design was a benefit to me. I appreciated his encouragement in the face of adversity. Overall the service of J. P. Peel & Co is detail oriented, flexible and attentive. All of the costs I’ve incurred have been declared upfront. There have been no unpleasant surprises.
A. S. Richmond

I felt that James was genuinely interested in a product that would help others. His professional manner and patience gave me the confidence to proceed with my idea.
K. C.

James' help was invaluable throughout the patent registration process, taking our rough draft and preparing it for filing. His in-depth knowledge of the patent system made us feel that we were in safe hands. Right from our initial meeting he understood and identified the key aspects of our design and ensured that the appropriate emphasis was put on these in the final filing.
M. L-T.

How to contact us

We pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive service and do not charge for an initial telephone discussion or meeting to discuss how we might help you.

To arrange this, simply call us on 020 8892 5569 or 07747 454049